Robert H. German was born in Iowa in 1961. He attended Northeast Missouri State University, Mount Saint Clare College and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock where he graduated with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Criminal Justice and Political Science. Rob worked most of his undergraduate college years in law enforcement. He served as a police officer in both Illinois and Arkansas.

During his tenure as a police officer, Rob began his career in law enforcement as a regular police officer assigned to the patrol division. During that time he performed the normal police activities such as answering calls for service, investigating traffic accidents, writing traffic citations and arresting criminals for a variety of criminal offenses from the very basic normal charges to kidnapping and murder charges.

While assigned to the patrol division, Rob was involved with many drunk driving arrests. He was trained by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in advanced field sobriety testing, the same field sobriety testing still used today in drunk driving investigations. He became a certified instructor in the Advanced Field Sobriety Testing techniques. In 1984 Rob was the first Arkansas police officer to arrest an individual under Arkansas’s then new felony drunk driving statute which made a person’s 4th drunk driving conviction a felony.

As he progressed through the ranks within the department was assigned to the Detective Division where he worked in all types of criminal investigations including rape, robbery, burglary, drug crimes and homicide cases. He was fortunate to have interviewed and interrogated several mass/serial murders such as Henry Lee Lucas, who admitted to killing at least 600 people from 1975 to 1983 and David Lamb who was suspected of murdering his family and at least 20 prostitutes throughout the southern United States.

In his later years in law enforcement, Rob became involved in large-scale multi-national drug investigations. Those cases involved the FBI and DEA and various state police organizations throughout the south and southwestern parts of the United States. Indictments were issued for Mexican Law Enforcement Officials, U.S. Border Guards and other individuals who were involved in smuggling large amounts of drugs and money in the drug trade.

Rob began his legal defense career in 1990 in Valparaiso, Indiana when he was admitted to practice law under special court rules in his third year of law school. He practiced in the criminal law clinic and the family law clinic representing clients accused of various criminal offenses and clients going through the divorce process. His first drunk driving case resulted in a dismissal of all charges against his client based upon a illegal stop of his client by a trooper with the Indiana State Police. Rob also negotiated grants of immunity for his client who observed a murder in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Since coming to Spring Lake in 1991 Rob has concentrated his practice in the areas of criminal defense and family law. Obviously, one of the areas he has special expertise in is that of drunk driving defense. Having been on both sides of the law has given him unprecedented insight into the defense of drunk driving charges. The ability to know where police officers cut corners and make mistakes is invaluable when representing clients.

Rob is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), National College of Drunk Driving Defense Lawyers, Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan, the American Bar Association, Family Law membership

German and German PLC is a husband and wife law firm that was established in November 1991 with a vision of being a full service law practice that could meet all of its client’s legal needs. "Providing experienced and effective representation focused on client-centered goals"